Gathering fruit for jam making.

Gathering fruit for jam making.

One of my friends let me loose in her fruit garden, there was to much fruit for her to manage. In return for allowing me to pick some she will get a few pots of jam. A great exchange when you have fruit but no time for jam making I think. It would be great if there was a facebook page for people with spare fruit to post for pickers rather than watch it just fall off the trees. I love a bit of bartering πŸ™‚


You know the saying waiting for paint to dry? …that

You know the saying waiting for paint to dry? ...that

After a fun paint club on Wednesday I have been waiting for the oils to dry so I can add the next layers. It has been such a great feeling to get back to painting and I am loving it. After paint club I carried on painting till it got dark, I am working on a large canvas capturing the evening sun which casts amazing shadows and light over the landscape.


Finished still life paintings.

Finished still life paintings.

I invited Nicky back today to finish her painting , and left the still life set up over night so she could carry on. I’m so pleased I did as I think her painting is fantastic for someone who has never painted before. It would have been such a shame not to have finished it. I did a bit more to mine, but am not that pleased with it (I don’t think we ever are with our own) I di love the colours in both pictures though and think they would look perfect in my kitchen πŸ˜‰


Wool shopping and a bit of swatching.

Wool shopping and a bit of swatching.

I have just bought some gorgeous Rowan wools to make crochet swatches. I have lots of ideas in mind using different crochet stitches and am on a mission to match the designs to beautiful yarn that can be made up into the designs. I love the colours available in the Baby Merino Silk, and the Purelife Revive. Unfortunatly the shop I went to did not have the Soft Knit Cotton which has all of my favorite colours in the range.
This little lot should keep me busy for a few days, I can’t wait to get swatching.