So there we were Friday night settling down with a glass of wine in front of the fire to watch ‘Not Going Out’ on Bbc1 when Daisy (Katy Wix) walks in wearing one of my handmade brooches. I nearly dropped my glass of wine as I stood up pointing and shouting thats my brooch ha ha.


A brooch I crocheted and stitched, carefully choosing colours that compliment each other and vintage fabric to edge it with. How lovely to see it being worn by ‘Daisy’ who has a personality not dissimilar to mine (as Tony pointed out)Image

I did finish the evening with a couple more celebratory glasses of wine 😉

I have spent today topping up my website with a few more of these brooches. As a few have sold over the weekend. 


I hope you’ve had a great weekend  

T x

Handmade Beads

Today I spent the morning crocheting beads


Ready to be felted

crochet beads gmc4

Then needle felted and embroidered


To be turned into necklaces


Which can then be sold on my website and go into galleries

and shops. Its quite a long process but the smiles on peoples

faces when they wear them is worth every minute .

What did you make today?