A sneak peek at my latest project.

A sneak peak at my latest project.

You know how much I love colour and crochet, well this is a really fun project! I have been testing out lots of new stitches from a vintage crochet book I have. I have then played around with the stitches and come up with my own versions. My new favorite stitch is the bubble stitch. I have so many design ideas for these stitches that I actually can’t sleep!

Colourday Hot Pink

Because it was Valentines Day yesterday todays colour is Pink the colour of love. It is has the passion and power of red softened with the purity, openness and completeness of white. The stronger the pink, the more passion and energy it has. Pink is also the colour of hope. Image Also it looks fab when worn! If I wear hot pink it always puts me in a good mood. Image Image Can’t wait for the spring and the trees to go this colour 🙂 Image Image Image We even had a pink sky to start the day, and I am wearing a pink cardi and bright pink tights. Have a Happy Colourday xx