Getting ready for Somerset Arts Week

I had a bit of a panic at the beginning of the week after receiving an email from the lovely Susan at The Little House Of Art in Glastonbury asking for pictures of my work.  The time has gone so quickly.


I was actually surprised when I put all my paintings together, they have been building up gradually and a lot of them are in the final stages. This is the small paintings I am working on and there are also some big canvases.

There is actually only a few weeks left before I pick the ones I am going to exhibit and get them framed.  The canvas ones will remain unframed as I like the painting to carry on around the edges.


This painting is ‘Floods Across The Blackmore Vale’. This is how it looked during October last year, the leaves changing colour, and the fields water logged from all that rain.


This is ‘Misty Morning’ A gorgeous autumn morning with the sun coming up and mist spreading out over the Blackmore Vale, making it look like we are looking out to sea.

I am feeling a little less panicked now, and feel I will be ready. The Somerset Arts Week brochure is out and there are some great places to visit during September.

The Exhibition runs from the 21st Sept to Sunday the 6th of October.

I will also be running a couple of workshops Nr Glastonbury as part of  Love-Local  at Middlewick Holiday Cottages at the foot of Glastonbury Tor.  There will be 1 scrumbled Crochet Workshop and 1 Needlefelting Brooches, they have workshops going on throughout the Somerset Art Weeks so its worth having a look at there website.

A good day spent painting.

Its been a very long time since I got my paints out. I have been sketching a lot and using oil pastels which I really don’t get on with.

It was such a relief to find I have not completely lost the knack of painting.


A quick sketch to start with.


Then laying down the foundation colours. I am doing the Somerset Arts Week in September as part of a group exhibiting at The Little House Of Art Bed and Breakfast in Glastonbury.

So for my theme I have chosen ‘A view from Glastonbury Tor’, I love the amazing view from up on the hill which changes so much with the light and the seasons. I think rather than painting the Tor I will be looking outwards. I will also make some jewellery and accessories for the exhibition reflecting the colours and textures I capture along the way.


My first painting is starting to come together, there a still a few layers to go and quite a bit of tweeking. It will be interesting to see how it develops. While it dries between each layer I will start another one.SAW