Time for a happy cup of tea :)


Wouldn’t you smile if you covered your teapot with this Tea cosy? I would. I have made it for my kitchen and I think it ummm goes quite well with all the colours. This is the happiest place in our house and where I spend most of my time on the computor as well as  cooking ,making, chatting and drinking lots of tea 🙂


I have made this crocheted flower garland to go in a  shop window along with lots of crocheted flowers to give a lovely Spring/Easter feel, but I actually like them over the fire place…I may have to make a few more! (don’t look to closely at the paint job it was going to be temporary, I am not very good at painting walls )


The runner under the teapot was designed by Arthur and we painted and printed it together at a local art class last Saturday, I am going to add some crochet around the edge to finish it off.

Happy tea drinking 🙂 x

Colourday: Orange


Orange is one of my favorite colours.


Such a happy colour to wear 🙂


Orange lights up a room.




Orange and pink boho


Gorgeous Orange crochet poufs from Etsy.


Orange and turqouise.


Orange tulips perfect for today.

I hope you’ve enjoyed that splash of colour. You can see more beautiful orange pictures on my orange and yellow pinboard http://pinterest.com/tamsyng/yellow-orange/

None of the pictures are mine. If you click on them it will take you to the source.

Happy Colourday xx

Designs in The Making

After making my crochet cushion my head was buzzing with ideas for using all the colourful textured stitches. I thought they would work well as funky gloves. So I decided to make some for Arthur as a test, he chose the colours and where he wanted the stitches.


Arthur loved the fact you could draw a design and in a few hours it became real. ( I say a few hours it actually took 2 days which was a day to long for him to wait hee hee) He’s not taken them off since he got them.


Yesterday we spent the morning in the garden which was fab, and actually dug the 2 small veg patches ready for putting new seeds in.  Then spent the afternoon designing together.


We were designing Tea cosies, I love the one with the flowers sticking up out of the cosie, I will be experimenting with all of these ideas. Amazing for a 7 year old to have that sense of design and colour.


I am experimenting with colour and stitches again with this design and writing everything down as I go.


I can’t wait to see this finished, I am sure it will take quite a bit of tweeking before I produce it as a pattern.

Colourful Handmade Crochet Cushion.

I have been having fun this week testing out lots of different crochet stitches from a vintage How To Crochet Book, then adapting them to suit my style.


As you can see from the picture I started with a basic crochet background which is great for weaving in various materials to give a more solid material. I chose to weave vintage fabric into the centre with a couple of rows woven with 4 strands of wool, I also added the mesh style stitch to the edge of the cushion and wove in contrasting wool.


I really enjoyed doing the bobble stitch with lots of different colours and will be using this in quite a few designs.


The raised stitch is also fun to do and I love the squiggly effect. There is also puff stitch and cable (which I did with 2 colours).

It goes very well in my new crochet corner..a perfect place to sit with crochet hook in hand and a basket of wool by my side. 


I am now working on some wrist warmers for my 6 year old son, he has told me which stitches to do and which colours, and keeps asking me when they will be finished..so I think I better go and finish them.

Colourday : Patterns Floral

Todays colour theme is Floral patterns.

To brighten the grey day and remind us that brighter more colourful days are on the way 🙂

Lets start with Floral in Fashion.


By Dolce & Gabbana


Vintage Floral.


Floral taken to the max by the amazing Kaffe Fasset.


Flowers in crochet.


Floral print everyday 🙂


Flower pattern cake to nice to eat!



Beautiful spring flower prints.


Some fun and funky floral pattern shoes to end. I’ve had my colour fix for the day. Hope you’ve enjoyed it to.

Happy Colourday 🙂

Handmade Beads

Today I spent the morning crocheting beads


Ready to be felted

crochet beads gmc4

Then needle felted and embroidered


To be turned into necklaces


Which can then be sold on my website and go into galleries

and shops. Its quite a long process but the smiles on peoples

faces when they wear them is worth every minute .

What did you make today?

How to knit a Ring

I thought I better add the instructions to go with my previous blog.

Cast on 6 stitches using 4 ply and size 2.75 or size 3 needles

I am a loose knitter so used 2.75) You want quite a tight knit.

Knit until work measures 7 cm.  Cast off .

you can maker it bigger or smaller depending on the size of your finger, and it will stretch slightly.

Add some embroidery stitches. I used Embroidery floss but you could use left over bits of wool in different colours.

Running stitch and french knots are very easy to do.

To make a french knot you put the needle up  through the fabric and wrap the cotton around the needle twice, pull the needle up through the wraps and push them down to be neat against the knitting, then put the needle back in just under the stitch pull the cotton through gently. Repeat along the ring as often as you like. I made 4.

Sew on some beads or buttons for a bit of sparkle.

Put the edges together inside out and stitch up. 

Sew the ends in and turn the right way round, wear with pride 🙂

Why not make all your friends one .

You could use different stitches and unusual yarns. Self striping sock wool would be good for this tiny project and you could make hundreds with 1 ball of wool.

The pictures to go with these instructions are on my previous post.