I am often experimenting and creating new work using fabrics,unusual yarns and buttons.This Gallery contains some of my favorite pictures of past work and jewellery that has been sold.


bluheartn allrings bag3 beademb
blue bead bluebeadring2 blue bead3 blueflower
bluru broochescrochet bright flower4 broochmag
broochesemb cappacinored3 crneckpurple embroidered brooch
fabric beads fabric beads purple heartcrochetring cupcakegreen
funkyscarf heartcrochet hbwc3a fabric beads gmc3
colouredjumperheart bluenecklace newbroochesfelted libertyfabricpink2
pinkcentreyellowoutline2 scumbledcushionhearts singleembroideredbead spring feverglast
textile art scumbled crochet mopor blubirdflat blackcircleflower6

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