A beautiful summer walk and some crazy coloured sheep.

We had a lovely picnic on Sunday with a walk up Castle Hill in Mere.

It is only 20 minutes from our house, but I forget its there.


Tony and Arthur took a short cut up the hill while I walked around the edge.


This is the same hills as the view from our house.

The colour of the grasses against the sky were amazing.




It really felt like a lovely ‘escape’ when we got to the top.


We had a picnic, then did quite a lot of cloud watching while lying in the sun.

It was so peaceful, I will be going back a few times over the summer holidays I think.


Now for the colourful sheep! Influenced by my Toft Alpaca visit

and the colourful talk by Kaffe Fassett.


I am making a few different garlands and these have been designed to go

on one called ‘Counting Sheep’. I will also make some into Keyrings

and will have the patterns for sale on my website very soon.


They have been crocheted with Rowan wool cotton.


Time to make the garland now.

Have a good week T x

6 comments on “A beautiful summer walk and some crazy coloured sheep.

  1. Love your colourful rainbow sheep Tamsyn and their expressions – they look so individual!
    Castle Hill looks idyllic! I’ve also spent lots of time this week observing nature’s colours, the green grass bases growing paler and hay-like as they swish in the breeze and rise to the bright blue sky, rose-bay willow herb’s unmistakeable pink, purple headed Knapweed and creamy meadowsweet…..just growing freely making the fields and roadsides so colourful!
    Hope you make many more summery visits to the hill top!
    Ali x

    • It is so beautiful at the moment isn’t it. Last year we only had green fields, there are so many colours and textures in the landscape this summer. x

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