Colourday Owls Owls and more Owls.

I am seeing so many Owls around and about I thought I would share some.

Apparently ancient cultures believed the owl offered protection against evil spirits and ill health.

Here’s a few colourful happy owls. If you click on the photographs it will take you to the source of each one. There are some very talented artists and makers out there!!



I love these boots!!

Owl dress by Orla keily for people tree.




Retro folk art owls.


colourful crochet owls.





Owl by Ashley Percival



There are soooo many more around all cute and colourful.


Have a great weekend T . x

9 comments on “Colourday Owls Owls and more Owls.

  1. Beautiful inspiration. Thanks for sharing. I love owls and now convinced I must make one! Didn’t realise that owls in ancient culture were seen as protectors against ill heath… I have been struggling somewhat with long-term illness so maybe an owl will speed up my recovery. Making one will certainly cheer me up. 🙂

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