Making Garlands A Crafty Birthday Party

I was asked by a friend to do a crafty birthday party for her 9 yr old daughter and 6 friends.

I thought for a couple of weeks about what they would possibly like to do and how it would work with different abilities.  I decided to make a garland. I tested a few things out on my son Arthur, he is only 7 but very crafty.


Arthur actually loved the sewing and we added his felt and stitched bits to the garland along with the beading he had done. I  put on crochet flowers,pompoms and tied little bits of vintage fabric to it. Then we hung it up to see what we thought.


It may stay there 😉

I arrived at my friends house with lots of beads,threads,felt,pompoms,yarn and crocheted flowers.


The sun was shining we were out in the garden and ready for the girls to arrive.


When I explained to them what we were going to do, starting with fingerknitting. They looked at me as if I must be bonkers…but soon they were all confidently fingerknitting and adding in beads as they went.  I think they were surprised at how easy it was.


They then threaded beads of there choice on to wire to be attached to the garlands. They chose some crochet flowers and pompoms, along with little bits of fabric to tie on.


As each one finished they were  pinned to the tree. We didn’t get to do any stitching but that leaves possibilities for another crafty afternoon.


Pompom making was also really popular especially using different colours. I only had one Pompom maker but will make sure I have a few ready for the next party I do.


It was lovely to see the different colours that the girls chose.


Each one completely different. I loved the tree yarnbombed like this. I may have to get to work on the apple tree in my garden now!

My friend had also prepared a bit of cake decorating which looked amazing.


The reports from the parents in the playground today were very positive, the girls had a great time and so did the adults , who wouldn’t like to sit in the sun and do a bit of making?

I will be adding this workshop to my website over the next couple of days as well as a Hen Party version. I can imagine all the party making garlands to adorn a marquee and then getting to take them home after the wedding…it would make a change from bunting and could be customised to suit the colours of the wedding.


5 comments on “Making Garlands A Crafty Birthday Party

  1. What a lovely party idea Tamsyn. Blue sky and sunshine too, it all looks perfect. Arthur as always is a star! xx

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