Painting club progress.

On Wednesdays I am running a little painting club.

Today I had set up a couple of still lifes, not sure who was turning up (its early days) as I had not managed to see my friends all week.


I picked some flowers from the garden and put a few colours together.Β 

Then Nicki arrived with lunch that she had made and a bunch of gorgeous flowers, which went really well with some of the other china, in a colourful sort of way.


The other ladies were delayed so me and Nicki started on our own, first doing a couple of sketches with charcoal.

Then painting on board. I was talking about how to mix colours and muttering out loud about what I was putting on the board. Nicki has not painted before so it was all about experimenting with the colours.



I love the results πŸ™‚ R arrived with cakes, but that didn’t stop Nicki she carried on painting while nibbling cake. R sat in my favorite seat and carried on with her landscape painting from last week..then we ran out of time and it was all jump in cars for the school run!


My painting is not quite finished and Nicki is coming back in the morning to finish hers as its easy enough for me to leave it set up.

It was a lovely day, and I did start off a bit exhausted and grumpy from not sleeping well ( a regular thing these days). It was so relaxing spending the morning painting and I can’t wait to do some more.

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