Out in the garden.

I am a little bit behind on posting this blog, the photographs were taken on Sunday afternoon when the sun came out and we all went down into the garden.

Arty had been ill on Saturday and was still not great Sunday but we persuaded him to join us in the garden for an hour..



The bottom bit of garden is Arty’s and we had left the grass long for him to hide in (it will be cut by next weekend). He was very pleased to find the dandelions had turned to seed..us not so much.


When we first moved in 3 years ago this bit of garden was just ivy and grass, now it is a miniature bluebell wood surrounded by cottage flowers.


The bluebells came from Arty’s bit of garden, I dug them up before we started clearing it and replanted them in this section.



Another of my favorites πŸ™‚


Tony and Arty also planned the little veg plot (last year I did it very randomly) the lines are really straight. Β Lets hope something grows and the slugs don’t eat them all!


It was so lovely to spend some time together in the garden and not be rushing around. It is starting to look how we’d like it to, so I can see us actually relaxing in the garden this year.

What are your favorite flowers?


5 comments on “Out in the garden.

  1. Hi Tamsyn, your garden’s looking great. My favourite flowers: celandines and my lovely marsh marigold, flowering by the pond. Happy days!

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