Colourday “Blue and Green should not be seen”…or should they ?

I have been totally inspired by the bright green Spring leaves appearing against beautiful blue skies. Such an uplifting sight.


I remember the saying when I was younger “Blue and green should not be seen” and started thinking as I admired the trees that they actually look really good together.


Here are a few pictures I have found which make blue and green look fabulous together from fashion to interiors. If you click on the photographs they will take you to the source of each designer/website.







Spotted on the 2013 Spring catwalks, Dior using green and blue makeup.


Have a great weekend Β and don’t forget to look up when you are out walking, you never know when you might be inspired πŸ˜‰ Β T x


4 comments on “Colourday “Blue and Green should not be seen”…or should they ?

  1. I love blue and green, and always have. I was told as a child when I was wearing blue and green that I shouldn’t have been, but I never listened. I think some of the best colour combinations can be the ones that people say shouldn’t be seen together…I also like pink and red together, which I have also been told is a no no.

    • I agree about the best combinations being the ones people say are a no no. I love pink and red together and pink and orange. I think its more about how they are put together which makes them work πŸ™‚

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