An evening walk in search of a flock of starlings at Shapwick Heath.

I was lucky enough to go to Ham Wall NNR with my eldest son for an evening walk on the Somerset Levels. I had discovered this beautiful place with my partner and youngest son on Sunday and forgot my battery for my camera doh! We had noticed in one of the hides that a massive flock of starlings had been seen around the lake. So I thought I would go back with George who is into photography.


We got to Shapwick Heath about 6.15 and started to walk around to the hide over the lake.



It is such a different view of Glastonbury Tor. You’d never believe that this peaceful place is just 4 km from Glastonbury. 


I love the inky blue colour of the water.


The reflections.


We saw Swans and ducks, and heard a Bitterne. There are also otters that live in these reed beds.


We got to the hide over the lake and  sat enjoyed the view and the sound of birds, and waited to see if the starlings would appear. 


At 7.30 we saw the starlings fly past… lots of them all heading to a massive gathering way into the distance, just visible as a black swirl above the trees on the left of the Tor.

We were on the wrong side of the lake. Whoops.


We walked back as the sun went down.


The colour of the sky changing slowly to night.


It was a fantastic evening and so nice to be able to natter to George as an adult. 

We drove around to the other side which is Ashcot, now we know where to go we will be back.  I can’t believe this place is so close to us and we never knew it existed. One of the most gorgeous places I have been to, so unspoilt and we didn’t see anyone else all evening.



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