Happy Saturday, egg painting and a family walk.

After being inspired by Landscape magazine who had a gorgeous tutorial on egg dying, Arthur and I decided we’d have a go.Image

We had lots of other ideas to, marbling, and wax resist. We appear to have a cupboard full of the right tools.


Arthur liked using the wax. I think I may have ruined our fondue set which worked brilliantly for melting the wax…I might try some wax resist on t shirts next.


we wrapped the eggs in nylon (from a pair of tights) and secured each end.  This was to make it easier to dip in the dye.  Also to hold the leaves on for making patterns (this didn’t work as well as in the photographs in the Landscape mag).

We used dyes from Lidls, I think I may have added a bit to much water to them..there was only german instructions so I had to guess by the pictures.


I didn’t really think about how I would get the wax off..I may work that out tommorow!


Marbling worked the best, we only had 2 colours. It was amazing how the oil just stuck to the egg.


Arthur also painted some with gouache paints which also worked well. They are not a patch on the beautiful eggs I showed on my blog yesterday but it was a fun morning.

We picked Tony up from his office at 1 and headed for Clarks Village to get Arthur a pair of walking boots. It was packed! After going in every shop we managed to find a bargain £12.00 pair that are waterproof and that Arthur liked. Next stop was Glastonbury Tor for a walk to test them out.


Going up.




Very bouncy shoes!


Going down.

A lovely walk, and the shoes were tested and approved ready for our holiday in a couple of weeks.

I’m a bit worn out now and ready to chill out, tommorow I will get up very early (clocks go forward) to be the Easter bunny 😉

Happy Easter xx


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