Colourday: Some eggcellent Easter colours.







These pictures have made me want to paint and dye some eggs, I don’t think they’l come out like the ones above but it will be a fun project with Arthur.

The handpainted eggs are believed to ward off evil spirits and protect the household.  If you click on the last picture it will take you to some more amazing photographs of the eggs being painted in East Germany.

None of the pictures belong to me and each one is linked to the original source.

Have a great Good Friday 🙂 x

3 comments on “Colourday: Some eggcellent Easter colours.

  1. I’ve always admired people who can turn an egg into a lacy work of art. I’ve tried, but all I get is multicolored fingertips!

    • They look amazing don’t they. I think we will have lovely multicoloured finger tips after we’ve tried it. I am not very delicate or precise on the painting,dye front 😉

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