Designs in The Making

After making my crochet cushion my head was buzzing with ideas for using all the colourful textured stitches. I thought they would work well as funky gloves. So I decided to make some for Arthur as a test, he chose the colours and where he wanted the stitches.


Arthur loved the fact you could draw a design and in a few hours it became real. ( I say a few hours it actually took 2 days which was a day to long for him to wait hee hee) He’s not taken them off since he got them.


Yesterday we spent the morning in the garden which was fab, and actually dug the 2 small veg patches ready for putting new seeds in.  Then spent the afternoon designing together.


We were designing Tea cosies, I love the one with the flowers sticking up out of the cosie, I will be experimenting with all of these ideas. Amazing for a 7 year old to have that sense of design and colour.


I am experimenting with colour and stitches again with this design and writing everything down as I go.


I can’t wait to see this finished, I am sure it will take quite a bit of tweeking before I produce it as a pattern.

9 comments on “Designs in The Making

  1. I always love seeing the little ones involved in the process. The colors are vibrant, and I love seeing excellent uses for new stitches.

  2. Can’t wait to see the end result, I’m new to crochet but I’m already addicted and excited at the prospect of what I can create. I’m in love with the idea of a more free style, self designing style but as it’s only been a week since I started I’m playing around with different stitches before I start an actual project.

    • Playing around is the best bit 😉 you never know where it may lead. The possibilities are endless with crochet. I do a lot of freeform crochet to using lots of different textured yarns. I think the hardest bit is following the patterns, sometimes it takes a few tries, but crochet is sooo easy to undo and start again. Have fun 🙂

      • I am a big fan of mixing textiles, I already felt and do contemporary embroidery etc so I’m hoping to bring crochet into the mix. I tend to choose the colours I like rather than worry if its chunky/DK etc it drives my friend nuts lol but I love it

      • I know exactly what you mean re chunky/Dk I do the same its much more interesting to see how the different textures go together, I needlefelt to and use a lot of fabric in my crochet. Its great to mix it all up and see what comes out 😉

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