Lucky Find At Table Top Sale

I had been thinking of a way to display my little crochet hair bobbles and hair slides at fairs.

One of my ideas was to get a makeup or styling head and just cover it in hair accessories for display.

On Saturday me and my son Arty were at his schools tabletop sale, Arty was shopping and wanted to show me something that he would like to buy (the idea was to get rid of toys but that did not go to plan). Then I spotted it underneath a hat the perfect head (Arty got what he wanted to).


Well perfect except for the hair! I had been collecting Barbies to design and crochet clothes for, so had some experience in getting the hair back to normal.

I gently washed it and added conditioner then combed out the matted bits starting at the scalp and working outwards.

It is a lot better but still not perfect. It does make a good model though 🙂





I’m looking forward to using her as my model and taking lots more photographs, possibly some retro style ones. I will also keep my out for another one as she is going to be great when I do fairs this year.

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