How to Make a Easter Crocheted Basket

This is a tutorial on how to upcylce a little basket we get in the uk at Lidls usually full of garlic.


I have been saving these little baskets with the idea of using them for putting handmade presents in (they do not smell as the garlic is in its skin). I have finally got around to experimenting with them.

You could use this idea for any type of similar basket.  I am not very good at throwing things away that I think can be reused.


This basket was crocheted with double knitting yarn, I will post another picture of one I did with chunky wool at the end.

You will need about 25g  of dk wool or cotton (pastel shades look great)

A crochet hook to match yarn 4-4.5mm

(I used 3.50 because I am a loose crocheter, you may want the stitches to be neater and tighter it all depends on your own tension)


Put crochet hook under top layer of raffia on the basket.


Yo (yarn over) and pull back through, make sure there is a long end that doesn’t pull all the way through.



Yo pull back through stitch (ss) slip stitch.

Use the top layer as raffia as you would your foundation chain in crochet.

Put hook under raffia Yo pull back through (2 stitches on hook) Yo pull though 2 stitches (DC)


This first row is quite fiddley as you have to hold the stitch the basket and the hook. I did it going around with the hook on the right but you may prefer going the other way around, there is no right or wrong way it is whatever feels comfortable.


Once you have gone all the way around join to first stitch with a slip stitch.

Next row

Chain 2,* Dc into next sp and each folllowing space until you get to the 1st corner, 2Dc into corner sp* repeat all the way around join to first st (2ch) with a slip st

Next row as above.


Next row 2 chain 1 DC into each sp dec 4 stitches evenly around.

To decrease,  go as to do a DC, Yo put hook through sp Yo pull back through. (Instead of Yo and pull through 2 sts then yo pull through next 2 sts leave the three stitches on the hook) repeat into next sp while keeping those 3 sts on hook (6sts altogether) Yo  pull yarn through 3 sts, Yo pull yarn through next 3 sts. Thats a decrease in Double Crochet.

I know a lot of you may already know that but explaining it like that hopefully makes it a bit easier for beginners.

Pictures of decrease.




Next row the same as above Join with a slip stitch at the end.

Next Row (I turned the basket upside down for the next couple of rows)

2ch, DC, Dec1 (as instructions above) DC Dec1 repeat around, join with ss.



Next row

2 chain, DC Decrease all the way around. Join with ss.

Next Join sides together put hook through other side Yo pull through both stitches (Ss) repeat neatly along  the line until it is all joined finish with a ss cut yarn and pull through remaining stitch.



Take your ribbon and thread it through the crochet (I did it roughly in between every third stitch)


Tie a lovely bow at the front, hopefully better than mine, bows are not my forte. Have fun if you have any problems you can tweet me or facebook me.


If you are good at sewing you could line the basket with gorgeous vintage fabric. These could be used for putting handmade soaps in or chocolates, they make a nice gift basket.

This is one made with chunky wool.



5 comments on “How to Make a Easter Crocheted Basket

  1. What a great idea to crochet into the basket itself… I wouldn’t have though to do anything other than to make the crochet piece separately and then attach it, but your way means that you get a perfect fit every time! Brilliant!

  2. I know what you mean about keeping stuff that might be useful. I love your idea for the baskets. I have several in my studio that need some TLC! Thank you for sharing your great idea! I will post pix when I have one or more done.

    Ta Ta for now, Cathy the Bagg Lady

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